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  • Compression Cells
    Compression load cells are used for the measurement of a straight line pushing of force sensors along a single axis. The most common applications are track scales, large platform scales, weighbridges, hopper scales etc. Their long life, high accuracy and reliability make them an important consideration for all industrial applications where proven performance is required. Also contributing to superior performance in hostile environments, as they are hermetically (welded) sealed these features guarantee compatibility with the most stringent requirements.
  • Dual Shear Beam
    The double ended shear beam characteristics are similar to those of the single ended shear beam. It is most commonly used in truck scales and tank and hopper applications. Instead of being secured at one end and load applied to the other end as in the single ended shear beam, the double ended shear beam is secured at both ends and the load is aplied to the centre of the load cell.
  • S-Type
    S type load cells derive their name from their shape which, of course, is the shape of the letter "S". The S type beam is normally used in tensions applications. Primarily used for mechanical-to-electronic scale conversions, platform scale and general purpose weighing applications. Capacities vary from 25kg to 20t.
  • Shear Beam
    The single ended shear beam is designed for low profile scale and process applications. The shear beam capacities are from 250kg to 50t. One end of the shear beam contains the mounting holes while the opposite end is where the cell is loaded. The load cell should be mounted on a flat smooth surface with high strength hardened bolts. The larger shear beam cells have more than two mounting holes to accommodate extra bolts to keep the hardware from stretching under stress load. shear beams may be constructed of tool steel or stainless steel for use in harsh environments.
  • Single Point Cells
    Single Point Loadcells can be used for a variety of weighing functions but their most common application is found in most small to medium sized platform scales. They are also commonly known as "Platform Loadcells" but this description is also rather limiting. Single Point Loadcells probably account for the largest percentage of all loadcells world wide. What makes single point loadcells unique is the ability to accept "off-centre" loads. They can support a weighing platform that is bolted directly to them and will accurately measure weight placed at any point on this platform. The maximum platform size is of course restricted according to the capacity of the loadcell - available from 600 grams up to 2000kg. This arrangement provides an economical and straight forward system for most small to medium sized platform scales.
  • Spoke Type
    Spoke type or "pancake" load cells are low profile, high precision, tension or compression load cells with eccentric load capability. Capacities vary from 1 - 50t.
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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items